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The reason you probably got brought here from Google Images. I'm onto you bitch.



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Kyle Spotted Bear
Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
United States
An avid author who publishers want....that never writes anything!
A skilled artist that meets deadlines....that never draws anything!
A hard-working reliable employee....that doesn't want to work!
A calculated individual who can excel in the stock market....who never saves money.
Behold, the most generic american artist, that all american artists originated from, Enneigard!

WATCH as he battles depression...and fails!
BEHOLD as he struggles to save money, and fails!
BEWARE as he brews about pretty white girls and plots to kill them!
BE ASTOUNDED as his psychopathic fantasies never come to fruition!

He's a super normal guy, who looks good in leather and is behind you right now!


15 Minute Mosa Stylization by Enneigard
15 Minute Mosa Stylization
Look at that 40 foot Mosasaur style upon you!

It was a print for somebody's t-shirt I worked on.
Pliosaurus arch by Enneigard
Pliosaurus arch
Pliosaurus' name means "more/closely lizard" in reference to a belief of Richard Owen, stating that it was "more closely related to typical saurians" but not a true dinosaur. People who take it from the literal definition, "more lizard", seems silly, as if it is a broken english monster name. THIS LIZARD IS TOO STRONG! WE MUST SUMMON THE MORE LIZARD
Endoceras, the other Giant Orthocone by Enneigard
Endoceras, the other Giant Orthocone

While it isn’t a 30 foot colossus, the Endoceras (meaning “inner horn”) is another Nautiloid (shelled mollusk) that could or could have not been a top predator in the Ordovician times (6 periods before the Cretaceous era when the T-Rex was alive, or approximately 460 Million years ago.)

It averaged to around the size of 3.5 meters (13 feet long), although the upper estimate of this creature extended to around 20 feet long, around the size of a large Great White Shark. The heads are speculative because unfortunately Facebook and Instagram didn’t exist 460 million years ago, and the Endoceras didn’t really take many selfies.

Not very much study is done on the Endoceras, due to the fact that it is greatly overshadowed by the Cameroceras, the literal measuring stick used to judge prehistoric mollusk size. Endoceras were huge, and plentiful, but “not as big as the Cameroceras”, and was never even featured in a television special, leaving this massive cephalopod in the dark. However, like all cephalopods, it doesn’t mind the dark, because that’s where NIGHTMARES BELONG, this thing is a god damn MONSTER. Younger Endoceras employed the mobile pursuit strategies or chasing down vulnerable prey, and as their shell got longer with age, they eventually became ambush predators to conserve their energy, probably using the darkness of the seas as cover.

Limnoscelis by Enneigard
It's name means "lake/pond legs" from the Greek word "Limno-" and "Skelos". The human skull in its mouth is for size reference for the Jurassic World fans, so you overtly anal paleoartists bugger off.
Cameroceras (The Most Popular Nautiloid Ever) by Enneigard
Cameroceras (The Most Popular Nautiloid Ever)
Probably the one with the least stupid Wikipedia page too. Depicted as more nautiloid and less ammonite in form. SOFT TISSUES DON'T FOSSILIZE, WE KNOW WE KNOW. For all we know it could be a giant DICK, a giant DICK, or a gentle giant. Or a lazy bastard. I've depicted it as an open ocean swimmer with those familiar WALKING WITH DINOSAURS SEA MONSTERS TRIPLE X BADASSERY tentacles APEX PREDATOR STYLE BLACK OPS 3 kind of attitude.

If none of that made sense, I'm of the belief that it did swim about and consume eurypterids. It's not like their cone would be made of cement, for fucks sake. A kid could break the thing with a rock. It's just made to repel weak and stupid attacks from mentally underdeveloped arthropods and vertebrates.  However, when it comes to size and demeanor, I've recieved mixed messages from everyone.

Was it sessile? Did it swim around or bob from the surface? Was it a planktonivore? a carnivore? did it even have tentacles? or was it just somebody's key to MASSIVE PALEONTOLOGY GRANTS? GIBE DA MONEYS b0SS

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